The Gordon Ramsay Journey Begins

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I got the inspiration from the movie “Julie and Julia”. I understand that Julia Child was not thrilled with Julie’s tribute blog to her, from what I gathered is that while a very good cook, Julie wanted to be a writer.

The Gordon Ramsay Journey Begins 1As I watched the movie I realized, there are a couple of things I’m exceptionally good at, one is cooking the other is writing.  I am not a writer so please bare with me.

Having said that, I do want to offer a disclaimer in that Gordon Ramsay does not endorse this in anyway shape or form.  All I can hope for is that he doesn’t stumble upon me and say what the f*ck does she think she’s doing????

So here’s the New Years goal…. Cook through GR’s book “Cooking for Friends”  100 recipes.. One year.  I will end the year with my traditional Christmas Eve party and serve the most successful dishes created in the following year. Cross your fingers for me… I’m terrified.  I am not a professional cook, but I have a true love of cooking and entertaining.  I do realize my skill is very limited and I know I’ll be doing a LOT of google searching!

I invite any of you out there who happen to trip upon my blog to join me in my journey.

Tomorrow I will write more and explain where my love of Gordon Ramsay comes from and how he has inspired me to always do the best I can do in everything I attempt.  Wish me luck.

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