Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How I started cooking with Gordon Ramsay, everything you want to know and more

Why are you writing this Gordon Ramsay Blog?

Because I want to stay out of my culinary comfort zone. Plus I admire Gordon Ramsay.  I go into detail on my home page Becoming a Better Home Cook with Gordon Ramsay. This will explain how I set off on my adventure to be a great home cook!

Do you think you’ll ever be on MasterChef?

Yes, I believe one day I’ll see it  all the way through the MasterChef Auditions.

Will you post Gordon Ramsay’s recipes?

No, I had made a decision years ago that I wouldn’t do that. They aren’t mine and by posting the exact recipes I feel I keep people from experiencing his books. Purchase Gordon Ramsay cookbooks directly from his site. You  won’t be sorry.